72% declined? You’re missing a big piece of the origination puzzle

There was a time when the banker really knew customers. They could make decisions at their desk based on more than just numbers. They were kinda like investors in a business that were in the fight —even when times were tough. De-regulation, consolidation, financial crisis and now over-regulation and the banking world has evolved to a place you can only go to borrow money when you don’t need it. And we’re not just joking:

·        72% of small business loan applications are declined

Are you helping the 72%? Maybe. But probably not. Most brokers are working to originate “flow” business just beneath the bank. And that’s fine, but that still leaves more than half of all small businesses out in the cold. If you want to build your book, grow your business…why not originate in the bottom 50%? Oh yeah, we hear you. Those deals take too long. They are too tough. Too few get done.

Good news and bad news: you’re working with the wrong lender.

It shouldn’t be hard. Just because it is not a credit-scored, app-only, fast food approval doesn’t mean it should be hard. And how many deals do you have to do to really eat well on those overly competitive deals anyway. Finding a lender with a simple approach to the challenging deal that helps you originate this kind of opportunity and pays nicely for doing it—that’s where you need to be. And it doesn’t hurt that once you help the challenged credit opportunity you create far more loyalty as they improve.

Dakota Financial: Your most challenging deals...done.

We can help. We look beyond the numbers and leverage your equipment to help when others just want out. Our process is simple, fast and straightforward. Let’s get something done.