Equipment Finance that goes beyond the bank

There was a time when your banker really knew you. They could make decisions at their desk based on more than just numbers. They were kinda like investors in your business that were in the fight with you—even when times were tough. De-regulation, consolidation, financial crisis and now over-regulation and the banking world has evolved to a place you can only go to borrow money when you don’t need it. And we’re not just joking:

·        72% of small business loan applications are declined

·        86% of small business loan applications not approved as requested

63% of small business owners are “intimidated” by the process of borrowing money for their company. Well…no wonder. This problem is particularly challenging for businesses that need equipment to drive revenues. The asset-driven small business may struggle to find help when they need capital to grow and when they have encountered challenges…well…forget about it. Or not.

It might be time to go beyond the bank. When an asset-driven company encounters business challenges and needs new equipment or working capital, look to an asset-driven equipment lender. This kind of lender looks to the value of your equipment. They can get the deal done despite past bankruptcy, tax liens, challenging personal credit and more. By leveraging the value of your assets, you can drive significant capital back into your business when you need it most.

Dakota Financial: Your most challenging deals...done.

We look beyond the numbers and leverage your equipment to help when others just want out. Our process is simple, fast and straightforward. Let’s get something done.