A few stats that will shock equipment dealers about...

Every year, some marketing guys that specialize in the equipment finance business hire a really expensive third party research firm to ask all kinds of questions about the equipment finance business. Here are some interesting facts about dealers and the challenged credit deal:

·        Customers are 320% more likely to be a repeat customer if a dealer has helped them through a challenging time

·        Customers are 90% less likely to make a decision on price if the dealer has previously helped them through challenging times

·        Dealers make 22% more margin on average for a challenged credit deal

·        8 of 10 dealers routinely pass on the challenged credit deal because they think it’s too much work

Kinda makes you think, huh? These stats point to growth opportunity for your business and we can be the funder to help you execute. Our equipment-based solutions for challenged credit are fast, fair and straightforward—every time! Let’s talk.