Driving working capital from equipment

Many business owners might be missing one of the easiest ways to generate working capital for their business. You may only see the financial implications of your equipment at the point of purchase. But the refi—in all kinds of credit situations—can be a great source of capital for your company. Here’s what we mean…

Banks just don’t understand most industries that count on commercial equipment. Business owners in these industries can all share stories of being turned down by bankers in the best of circumstances, much less when business situations are a little harder. Going without this access to capital pressures owners to find ways to grow revenues, which to do effectively requires capital for equipment purchases, marketing or other means they cannot borrow. Or can they?

Everyone knows that you can borrow against the equity in your home. The home equity loan has become a staple of the American consumer for decades now. But few business owners understand just how easy it might be to leverage the equity in your equipment.

Many companies require equipment to operate. And it’s a big investment. Too often, owners forget the equipment they have paid for over the years has strong continuing value even as it is nearly paid off or completely paid for. An equipment lender with a deep understanding of your industry can find value in your equipment to lend against, where the bank simply will pass. An experienced equipment lender can put together favorable terms, act quickly and help you in a variety of credit circumstances to put critical working capital back to work in your company.

Just because the bank doesn’t understand, doesn’t mean options aren’t available. At Dakota, we help businesses with equipment financing—even to drive working capital from existing equipment. And our approach is different, we actually understand the businesses that depend on the equipment.

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