A new kind of lender.

What happens when you need a lender to go beyond the credit score, the tax lien or a recent bankruptcy? Across the spectrum of industries that count of commercial equipment and through the business cycles, most small companies have been through challenging times. In these times, everything from pay histories to personal credit scores can be negatively affected making the search for equipment finance a daunting proposition. We wonder if it has to be that way.

Over the years we’ve all heard the stories of almost every approach to the equipment finance business. But what if there was a genuinely unique point of view? An approach to commercial equipment lending that could consistently help those businesses with a challenged credit position but have no intention of keeping them there. In fact, the approach would be built on helping tougher credits acquire the capital they need today and give them a chance for growth.

The case for the equipment-based lender.

To get the tougher deal done, it will take a lender whose business model is engineered to go beyond the numbers. By leveraging your existing equipment, you can get new equipment working for business, earning revenue, reducing costs and increasing performance. Or you can leverage the refinance to access critical working capital when you need it most.

But getting the finance deal closed is only a first step. An equipment-based lender can report positive pay histories, act as a credit reference and more activities that are included in the plan for each customer to improve their success with financing. Essentially, the lender is working to make sure the client improves their ability to fund their equipment needs with every payment.

Dakota Financial: Your most challenging deals...done.

We look beyond the numbers and leverage your equipment to help when others just want out. Our process is simple, fast and straightforward. Let’s get something done.